Thursday, 12 September 2013

Canadian Center of Science and Education Has Been Indexed by AGRICOLA

 The Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) was founded in 2006 and is a renowned name in the education and research industry. It's a private and profit-oriented organization that operates to serve and support researchers and educators from all over the world.
CCSE operates in partnership with a number of research foundations and institutes, enterprises, and community organizations. It supports students, invests in international projects, and is also into publications.
Journal of Sustainable Development (JSD) is one of the international publications of CCSE. Completely original, peer-reviewed, full-length, and latest articles are published in the open-access JSD. All publications of JSD are available on the Internet and can be downloaded for free. The content of JSD articles revolves around economic, social, and environmental stability.
Agricultural Online Access (AGRICOLA) provides access to agricultural and allied information. It's an online catalog, index, or database that collects and stores all sorts of written information of the National Agricultural Library. 
AGRICOLA is a comprehensive database of agricultural and related information. It was developed by the US Department of Agriculture which is also concerned with the on-going maintenance and modification of the database. Educators and researchers from all over the world can benefit from publications and research content that is available at AGRICOLA for free.
The database has been developed by NAL (National Agricultural Library), which is also actively playing its role for non-stop development, improvement, and expansion of the database. The index and catalogs are useful not only to concerned individuals. In fact, public access proves highly beneficial in spreading information all over the world.
Though the name implies as if the database covers only agricultural research and information, several allied fields are also given equal coverage. Educators and researchers can benefit from a comprehensive plethora of information at AGRICOLA's database.
There are publications on veterinary sciences, forestry, aquaculture, farming, fisheries, food and nutrition, environmental sciences, and a lot more. Learning about plants, animals, food, agriculture, and several aspects of earth is made easy through AGRICOLA.
A range of Management and Organizational Studies of international scholars are published by CCSE. Those interested in getting their research papers published in CCSE's journals are supposed to directly contact the respected journal's editor.
Researchers must contact CCSE 5 months prior to when they want to publish their content. It helps CCSE plan and prepare accordingly. Minimum 8 and maximum 20 articles can be published in one issue, charging a certain amount of fee per article.
CCSE gives authors a PDF copy and two printed copies of journals in which their content is published. Researchers can also nominate editors or peer reviewers whose names are listed in the printed copy. Researchers can either arrange for peer reviews themselves, or CCSE can do it on the researcher's behalf.
CCSE makes sure that each and every article that is published is authentic and accurate. There's no room for errors because each publication goes through a number of editing and reviewing sessions. If any submitted content doesn't fit into the journal's scope or has been published (fully or partially) in any other journal, it is rejected then and there.
In addition, CCSE uses some of the best plagiarism checking software to make sure every single piece of information is original or properly referred if cited from another source. Double blind reviewing systems keeps author's and reviewer's identities anonymous to eliminate bias. On a scale of 1-5, a minimum score of 2.5 is necessary to get an article accepted for publication.
Researchers and authors must submit their unique and original work to CCSE. All its journals are comprehensive and renowned to give authors international exposure. Besides giving researchers a platform to showcase their talent, it helps educate millions of readers who visit the free online database of CCSE and JSD.