Friday, 25 January 2013

Review of European Studies accepted in SciVerse Scopus!

Canadian Center for Science and Education (CCSE) is pleased to announce that the Review of European Studies has been accepted for inclusion in SciVerse Scopus, a prestigious bibliographic searchable database containing abstracts and citations from academic journal articles from over 5,000 international publishers. This search engine covers nearly 19,500 titles, of which 16,500 are peer-reviewed journals in the scientific, technical, medical, and social sciences.

CCSE credits the Review of European Studies editorial board and its authors for this significant milestone and says that this great honor will produce more international visibility and will enhance dissemination of the journal.

Review of European Studies Editor-in-Chief Michael W. Popejoy comments, “We expect this appointment to SciVerse Scopus to increase substantially our exposure to international researchers who use electronic databases to seek out peer-reviewed work related to their current research projects. This means both our journal and the articles we accept for publication will receive increased citation counts as researchers find our articles to cite for their works in progress. It also means that the journal will attract high quality article submissions from scholars internationally.”

The Review of European Studies editorial board congratulates everyone involved with the journal for their consistently hard work and attention to maintaining it as a major contributor to science and education. Thanks to all of you, the journal now enjoys a rising level of prestige in the publishing world.
The Review of European Studies continues to seek well-written, scholarly papers for future issues, including those covering the subjects of culture, history, art, sociology, religion, politics, laws, education, psychology and economics. This journal takes a broad, interdisciplinary view of European issues and also encourages submissions from an international perspective. If you have other new, unpublished manuscripts that might fit within our subject areas, please consider submitting to the journal. You may see the journal’s profile at and submit online. You may also e-mail submissions to

Conference Partner Journal

Modern Applied Science (MAS) published by by the Canadian Center of Science and Education is honored to become one of the cooperative partners of the 4th International Conference on Functional Materials & Devices 2013 (ICFMD - 2013). The conference will be held at Rainbow Paradise Hotel in PENANG, MALAYSIA from 8th April to 11th April 2013. This conference will be organised by the Centre For Ionics University of Malaya, (CIUM). Please find more details at: or

Friday, 18 January 2013

Explanation for Statistics Report

After reporting the statistics for 2012 Q4, we received many inquiries about them. A typical question asked was regarding the discrepancy between the number of articles received and the total of those accepted and rejected, which do not always match in some of the journals’ reports.

To alleviate this confusion, please note that all statistics are based on the time frame of a quarter year, or three months. During each quarter, we calculate the articles received, accepted and rejected in this term. For example, some articles were submitted in 2012 Q4, but the decisions to accept or reject them were made in 2013 Q1. Likewise, some articles were submitted in 2012 Q3, but the decisions to accept or reject were made in 2012 Q4. This is why the statistics for articles received do not always match with the total number of those accepted and rejected during a particular quarter.

The statistics reports are intended to describe the general status of acceptance and do not aim to reflect an accurate acceptance rate.

Report on Article Acceptance Statistics - 2012 Q4

The Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) reported the 2012 Q4 statistics for articles received, accepted, and rejected.
Applied Physics Research - Articles Received: 33; Accepted: 15; Rejected: 17
Asian Culture and History - Articles Received: 12; Accepted: 7; Rejected: 3
Asian Social Science - Articles Received: 116; Accepted: 64; Rejected: 45
Cancer and Clinical Oncology - Articles Received: 18; Accepted: 11; Rejected: 10
Computer and Information Science - Articles Received: 32; Accepted: 19; Rejected: 15
Earth Science Research - Articles Received: 17; Accepted: 12; Rejected: 6
Energy and Environment Research - Articles Received: 23; Accepted: 14; Rejected: 7
Engineering Management Research - Articles Received: 10; Accepted: 2; Rejected: 4
English Language and Literature Studies - Articles Received: 28; Accepted: 18; Rejected: 11
English Language Teaching - Articles Received: 77; Accepted: 53; Rejected: 25
Environment and Natural Resources Research - Articles Received: 53; Accepted: 25; Rejected: 18
Environment and Pollution - Articles Received: 22; Accepted: 7; Rejected: 10
Global Journal of Health Science - Articles Received: 91; Accepted: 48; Rejected: 48
Higher Education Studies - Articles Received: 41; Accepted: 24; Rejected: 16
International Business Research - Articles Received: 116; Accepted: 62; Rejected: 56
International Education Studies - Articles Received: 81; Accepted: 45; Rejected: 27
International Journal of Biology - Articles Received: 20; Accepted: 10; Rejected: 10
International Journal of Business and Management - Articles Received: 133; Accepted: 69; Rejected: 56
International Journal of Chemistry - Articles Received: 31; Accepted: 15; Rejected: 13
International Journal of Economics and Finance - Articles Received: 95; Accepted: 45; Rejected: 43
International Journal of English Linguistics - Articles Received: 63; Accepted: 29; Rejected: 33
International Journal of Marketing Studies - Articles Received: 45; Accepted: 22; Rejected: 20
International Journal of Psychological Studies - Articles Received: 18; Accepted: 10; Rejected: 7
International Journal of Statistics and Probability - Articles Received: 34; Accepted: 12; Rejected: 19
International Law Research - Articles Received: 15; Accepted: 13; Rejected: 11
Journal of Agricultural Science - Articles Received: 163; Accepted: 91; Rejected: 53
Journal of Education and Learning - Articles Received: 34; Accepted: 21; Rejected: 17
Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology - Articles Received: 19; Accepted: 8; Rejected: 8
Journal of Food Research - Articles Received: 44; Accepted: 26; Rejected: 22
Journal of Geography and Geology - Articles Received: 28; Accepted: 11; Rejected: 10
Journal of Management and Sustainability - Articles Received: 32; Accepted: 19; Rejected: 10
Journal of Materials Science Research - Articles Received: 35; Accepted: 21; Rejected: 13
Journal of Mathematics Research - Articles Received: 68; Accepted: 27; Rejected: 48
Journal of Molecular Biology Research - Articles Received: 10; Accepted: 8; Rejected: 2
Journal of Plant Studies - Articles Received: 23; Accepted: 13; Rejected: 13
Journal of Politics and Law - Articles Received: 43; Accepted: 28; Rejected: 15
Journal of Sustainable Development - Articles Received: 83; Accepted: 36; Rejected: 49
Mechanical Engineering Research - Articles Received: 16; Accepted: 7; Rejected: 8
Modern Applied Science - Articles Received: 78; Accepted: 30; Rejected: 43
Network and Communication Technologies - Articles Received: 16; Accepted: 7; Rejected: 10
Public Administration Research - Articles Received: 10; Accepted: 11; Rejected: 4
Review of European Studies - Articles Received: 27; Accepted: 11; Rejected: 10
Sustainable Agriculture Research - Articles Received: 30; Accepted: 24; Rejected: 10

Comprehensive Report on Article Acceptance Statistics for CCSE Journals

Starting in October 2012 (Q4), all CCSE journals began reporting their statistics for articles received, accepted, and rejected on their journal webpages. CCSE has now compiled and calculated the results for the actions taken by all its published journals based on the quarter and year in which these articles were received (see sample below). For the purposes of this report, the first quarter (Q1) represents Jan.-Mar., the second quarter (Q2) is Apr.-Jun., the third quarter (Q3) is Jul.-Sept., and the fourth quarter (Q4) is Oct.-Dec. All actions, whether accepted or rejected, for articles that take place within each quarter shall be calculated and reported in the following format:

2012 Q3: Total Articles Received: 178; Accepted: 85; Rejected: 92
2012 Q2: Total Articles Received: 168; Accepted: 85; Rejected: 82
2012 Q1: Total Articles Received: 150; Accepted: 86; Rejected: 64
2011: Total Articles Received: 1150; Accepted: 550; Rejected: 600
2010: Total Articles Received: 1050; Accepted: 540; Rejected: 512
Please be advised that CCSE does not publish or report the acceptance/rejection rate to the general public. Although there are various formulas for calculating the acceptance/rejection rate, none is accepted widely by the academic community. For specific journal data, see each journal’s website.

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