Friday, 18 January 2013

Explanation for Statistics Report

After reporting the statistics for 2012 Q4, we received many inquiries about them. A typical question asked was regarding the discrepancy between the number of articles received and the total of those accepted and rejected, which do not always match in some of the journals’ reports.

To alleviate this confusion, please note that all statistics are based on the time frame of a quarter year, or three months. During each quarter, we calculate the articles received, accepted and rejected in this term. For example, some articles were submitted in 2012 Q4, but the decisions to accept or reject them were made in 2013 Q1. Likewise, some articles were submitted in 2012 Q3, but the decisions to accept or reject were made in 2012 Q4. This is why the statistics for articles received do not always match with the total number of those accepted and rejected during a particular quarter.

The statistics reports are intended to describe the general status of acceptance and do not aim to reflect an accurate acceptance rate.

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